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Keeping you at the top of your game

If you're an athlete, you can count on Advance Physical Therapy, Inc. for an exceptional sports medicine program. We treat chronic problems as well as help prevent injuries and problems from occuring.

 •  Treats endonitis and bursitis

 •  Relief from tired and sore muscles

 •  Relaxes tight muscles

 •  Improves flexibility

 •  Reduces anxiety

 •  Helps with sleep

 •  Speeds up your recovery

What sports medicine does for you

Regular sports medicine therapies and treatments help you live a better life as an athlete. Use sports medicine to aid recovery and as a preventative measure.


If you need surgery for any injury, we are there for you every step of the way. Learn more about how we can aid both your pre- and post-rehabilitation processes.

Less injuries and better performance

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Hands-on personal care with one-on-one attention!


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