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Helping you before surgery and after

Don't let the prospect of surgery get you down. Know you'll have an easier recovery when you let us work with you and your doctor for pre-op care as well as post-op rehabilitation.

 •  Pre-surgery physical therapy

 •  Post-op recovery care

 •  Shoulders and rotator cuffs

 •  Knees

 •  Back and neck

 •  Feet and ankles

 •  Wrists and elbows

What you'll get from our services

Your doctor and our staff work together to ensure the right care before your operation, post-operation, and post-injury.


We only use safe methods to get you feeling healthy and fit again. Learn more about our physical therapy modalities.

Experience comprehensive care

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More than 20 years of experience aiding your recovery!


Lyndsey with Wyatt on hip machine Mallory on bike with Carla